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Fri, July 26th 2013

Happy Friday!


Hey party people,

How was your week? Get to watch any movies or concerts in the park? Enjoying your summer and ice cream season? I’m celebrating my intense week by finalizing a trip to San Diego, and I’m excited to go tubing this weekend with some long-lost friends finding their way into town. I’ve actually never gone before… so it will be my first time! Here’s some neat links for you:

A neat way to see actual wind patterns on a building. 

TIME’s pictures of the week.

What an extension of the urban rail in Austin might look like.

Daydreaming makes you more creative.

Movie sounds in pictures.

A few pet friendly happy hours in town (I would add Opa and anything along Barton Springs to that).

Love Jenni Sparks’ hand-drawn maps (where above is from).

I’ve been listening to Lorde’s EP all week.

Last day to get your ticket for Texas Style Council next weekend here!

Lastly, I’ve had on my mind lately to open up a map shop! Lots of details in the works, but I’ll keep you posted. Have a wonderful weekend! 


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Mon, July 22nd 2013

Happy Birthday, Raps!


Yesterday was the birthday of my co-founder, Valerie!

The first time we hung out, that wasn’t just in passing, was several summers ago where I invited Raps to my place a block away to make pizza with some friends. The pizza was pretty bad, but that was our first “friend date" in a way, and also the first time she met my parakeet, Cloud

Some memories I have with Raps include running the 40 acres to Metric’s Fantasies on our playlists to prep for races, me calling her about what she’s wearing before nights downtown, and one particular time when she told me she tried to sell a fake Marc Jacobs bag (an overseas market relic) to Buffalo Exchange and they were like, “Umm, no thanks.” (Haha! I totally know the feeling. Buffalo.) When Val and her boyfriend recently visited, I remember being stressed about my timing for lunch and traffic that I drove us all to Home Slice like a mad, crazy lady, giving her another reason to fear driving. Embarrassing. 

By 24, It has been a cool part of growing up to see how our friendships change and also remain the same after you don’t live in the same city anymore, throughout blogging long-distance, having friends getting married, and through new relationships. How neat that M&R has existed for two years of birthdays! 

Happy birthday to the most talented journalist I know who loves travel! Cheers to this next year and a new year of growth, Val! 


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Fri, July 19th 2013

Happy Friday!


(via dschwen)

Wishing you guys a great weekend that is restful and fun! I am reminded this week that I have a lot of freedom in my decisions. I’m not limited by my job, friends, what I do in my free time, but do them because I’ve chosen to do them. 

I hope your weekend is filled with moments that remind you to appreciate the freedom of choosing! Something that’s been on my mind is forming some sort of 5-year-plan thanks to the suggestion of our friend Sean, so perhaps I’ll do some work on that this weekend. What would I like to do in the future? 

To inspire you with a little creativity, I wanted to share with you the instagram of dschwen, who always presents such creative and witty content like…


emoji tones, 


pantone pairings,


different types of notifications, 


sweet illustrations,

and overall, just things that make me laugh:


a citrus turtle,


and some loose change. 

What do you want to do in the future, and what would be on your five-year plan to help you get there? 

(P.S. Don’t know? Reading over your journal, thinking about what kinds of things you get excited about, or something you could never get sick of can give you a clue.)


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Tue, July 16th 2013

Where Does Your Money Go?

(via JBG)

Hey readers!

How much thought do you put into what you spend, and where you spend it?

Jen shared a great post this morning on Purse & Clutch about the intentionality of our purchases and also introduced me to the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) boxes at Johnson’s Backyard Garden. They set up shop at the farmers markets around town but I never knew that they offered this for Austin residents! 

As an active yelper, receiving bad or less than standard service at a restaurant influences how likely I’ll return or even recommend that others visit. I realized when it comes to buying anything, I generally decide through price, convenience, or aesthetic appeal, hardly considering the practices of that business or their values. I’m learning about putting more thought into what I buy. 

Yesterday I was chatting with my friend Tiffany on what portion of our income we dedicate to certain expenses, and what’s even wise to give in light of being financially responsible. Budgeting is tricky and so unique: what’s considering “financially responsible” can be different for everyone, let alone those who have thought about it!

My questions for you are: Where do you spend your money? Is it a habit out of convenience, and when you look at your spending at the end of the month, are you happy with what you see? 

If someone were to look at your budgeting, could they tell what is important to you? 


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Tue, June 25th 2013

map²: The Zoomable Paper Map



Two weeks ago in London, we had a free day to explore the city on our own without our leaders and didn’t have much cell phone reception overseas, so we had to use several paper maps we had. My favorite was a huge and beautiful Olympic map of London that I brought home with me, but unfortunately it was hard to find all the info we needed at the time…

I would have loved to have had one of these zoomable maps! The Olympic map was so large that it was rather cumbersome to use and a burden to fold back up. This zoomable map series by Anne Stauche is a beautiful idea, allowing you to pick which area you’d like to zoom into without having to unfold the entire map. 

I’m all for beautiful paper maps with great design. They’ve launched a Kickstarter to produce more cities with a video that shows how you’d use it. Would you support it if your city was included? Put in a request for it to be added to the list! Hopefully we’ll see Austin on there soon. 


Wouldn’t this be a great resource when going on an “unplugged” vacation? Traveling old-school style. 


(via Anne of Pret à Voyager, who taught the maps Skillshare class I took!)

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